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Foot + Leg Pain Clinics is one of Australia's largest and most experienced Musculoskeletal podiatry practices.

We are trusted experts, providing proven solutions to help end your foot and leg pain, heal and treat your injuries and assist degenerative issues. We keep up-to-date with the very latest in medical research and treatments and are renowned for our successful patient outcomes. 

We take a personal interest in ensuring our patients achieve successful outcomes

At Foot + Leg Pain Clinics we take a holistic approach to healing and look past your surface symptoms to find the cause of your foot and leg problems, so we can achieve the best possible outcomes for your overall health and healing.

We pride ourselves on getting results. 

At Foot and Leg Pain Clinics we understand the physical, mental and emotional aspects of foot and leg pain. All our podiatrists came to the profession through personal experience with foot and leg pain or injury so have the personal understanding and empathy our patients deserve. You can be assured we will work with you to ensure you get results. Our aim is to end your foot and leg pain and concerns once and for all so you can enjoy your life without sore feet and legs.

At Foot + Leg Pain Clinics, we aim to provide the right advice and treatment, the first time. Misdiagnosis can lead to inappropriate and/or ineffective treatments and is one of the biggest single reasons people don't get results. We focus heavily on correct diagnosis and have expertise in this area. We also look at the whole body to find the cause of your concern and don't just treat the symptoms.

We're more than what people often refer to as foot doctors, Foot & Leg Pain Clinics practitioners are also leg, knee, achilles, ankle and shin pain doctors who take a holistic approach.

With so many years of broad experience, our teams unique approach, commitment to keeping up-to-date with the latest medical research and treatments, along with our passion and dedication to assisting people of all ages with their individual health and mobility concerns, it's no wonder Foot + Leg Pain Clinics can enjoy successful and positive outcomes for our patients.

We've helped thousands of people who had suffered for years, those that have been told nothing can be done for them and others who'd been told surgery and / or medication were their only options.

Let us work to help resolve your foot and leg pain once and for all.

Our results speak for themselves.

You Can Feel Better.

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