Dr Marni Gray - Sports Podiatrist


Born and bred in Finley NSW, Marni completed her Podiatry studies at Charles Sturt University in Albury. After working in a wide range of Podiatry services in both the Melbourne metropolitan area and Yarra Valley, Marni returned to her roots to live and set up Foot + Leg Pain Clinic practices in Albury, Wagga Wagga and Wangaratta.

Marni was originally drawn to the field of Podiatry by witnessing many friends and family members experiencing foot and leg pain and injuries, which often affected them emotionally as well as physically. From this personal experience she developed a very strong interest in the field and understands the often frustrating and disheartening feelings that can accompany foot and leg concerns.

Marni is an experienced, dedicated and caring podiatrist who embraces ongoing studies to keep her up-to-date with the very latest in medical research and treatments so she can ensure she offers her patients the very best advice and care.

As a partner in one of Australia’s largest and most experienced Podiatry practices, Foot + Leg pain Clinics, Marni takes a holistic approach to ensure patients’ overall health and healing. She excels in her areas of biomechanics and musculoskeletal medicine and has a real passion for helping people stay active so they can enjoy their sport, recreational activities and everyday lives. She provides friendly and professional treatment of the highest quality, for everyone from professional athletes to children and seniors, and takes a personal interest in ensuring all her patients achieve successful outcomes.

Marni is recognised by the Podiatry Registration Board and Registered as a Provider by Medicare, DVA and Private Health Insurers.

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