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 As Musculoskeletal podiatrists, we are more than just a heel and foot clinic in Brighton. We have vast experience in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of pain, injury and degenerative concerns of the feet and legs.

 More and more Australians are finding themselves in need of help from a foot clinic, heel clinic or leg pain clinic. In fact, heel pain and associated concerns are fast becoming the most widely-diagnosed conditions seen by our podiatrist in Brighton, along with knee pain, injuries and degenerative concerns.

 There are some common causes and contributing factors for these conditions but they will differ from person to person, as will treatment plans which are influenced by each individual’s specific biomechanics, lifestyle factors and requirements, nutritional status and overall health and injury concerns.

 Visit our experienced podiatrist in Brighton who will properly address your musculoskeletal concerns and manage your condition with the aim of achieving a successful long-tern outcome, as quickly as possible.

 Not just a foot and heel clinic in Brighton, we treat the complex issues concerning bone, joint, soft tissue and muscular pathologies as well as arthritis. We’ve been assisting people in Brighton and the Bayside suburbs for many years. We treat people of all ages and lifestyles, including seniors, athletes and children and we treat naturally, so you can be assured you’re not having to deal with harmful medications. We utilise the very best diagnostic techniques as well as the latest medical research and treatments to help you alleviate pain and get back to all your normal activities.

 Our experienced podiatrists will ensure a detailed analysis and in-depth investigation of your presenting symptoms and environmental factors. They will then undertake a detailed biomechanical assessment and in combination with the latest medical research and diagnostic procedures provide you with an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and appropriate, personalised treatment plan.

 As one of Australia’s leading musculoskeletal podiatrists we have the necessary experience and expertise you need to get results. That’s why we’ve been the chosen podiatrists for some of the world’s internationally acclaimed athletes and thousands of men, woman and children locally and abroad.

 If you suffer from any foot, heel or leg concerns make an appointment our Brighton clinic today.

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