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belmont foot leg pain clincsAre you searching for a podiatrist, foot clinic, or heel clinic in Belmont?

If you're experiencing pain in your feet or legs, and are looking for relief, an experienced musculoskeletal podiatrist is the best person to assist.

At Foot & Leg Pain Clinics in Belmont, our musculoskeletal podiatrist has extensive experience and specific expertise in assisting pain, injury and degenerative concerns of the entire lower limb, so can assist a whole range of conditions related to the toes through to the hips.

More than just a foot or heel clinic in Belmont, at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics we have expertise in assisting heel pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle and achilles concerns, shin splints, knee pain, injuries, bunions, children's growing pains, arthritis and other degenerative concerns. Best of all we treat naturally, utilising the very latest medical research and treatments.


Our experienced podiatrist in Belmont, has been assisting people of all ages and lifestyles, right across greater Geelong, for a number of years. 

Whether you’re an athlete that regularly partakes in strenuous activity, a senior suffering from degenerative conditions, or you simply have general foot or leg pain after a long day, our musculoskeletal podiatrist in Belmont, Dr. David Kavanagh, will work with you to determine the exact nature of your concern and provide an individualised treatment plan.

So whether you’re after a foot and heel clinic in Belmont / Geelong, a knee pain doctor or someone to assist an injury or child’s growing pains Foot and Leg Pain Clinics can help. As one of Australia’s leading musculoskeletal podiatry practices all our podiatry clinics, including our Geelong based clinic, keep up-to-date the very latest medical research and treatments so you can rest assured that expert help is just around the corner!

If you’ve been looking for a podiatrist, knee doctor, foot and leg injury doctor or foot and heel clinic in Belmont or greater Geelong, call us today.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our Belmont clinic has been relocated, just 10 minutes up the road, to 36 Shannon Ave, Geelong West. See our new location on the map below.

Address: 36 Shannon Ave, Geelong West 1300 328 300

Call 1300 328 300 to feel better sooner than you think.

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