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We all must walk.

Walking is the best exercise for the human body. It contributes to our general health by improving circulation, contributing to weight control, strengthening our bones and muscles, and promoting all-round well being.

Walking is also one of the most important controlling factors of Diabetes. Best of all it is able to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

So why don't we walk for our health?

The answer may lie in the fact that 80% of Australians experience serious foot problems in their lifetime, most are developed due to lifestyle factors and neglect. This often inhibits people's ability to exercise or reduces their enthusiasm and thus their commitment to engaging in it.

"Our Feet carry us through life, if we suffer from Foot and Leg Pain or discomfort it can have major effects on our lives and our health.Walking is one of the most fundamental activities in both cases. "

A Podiatrist whom specialises in sports and exercise can be the best way to assist individuals in alleviating their problems and getting them back into exercise for health and wellbeing. Paul Dowie and the Foot and Lg Pain clinics are well equiped to assist in getting you back on your feet and enjoying regular exercise.

Paul has treated many of the worlds best athletes including the likes of Pat Rafter, Leyton Hewitt, Martina Navratilova, Todd Woodbridge, Nick Faldo, Larry Mize, Robert Allenby, Craig Parry and Lauren Burns to name a few. His Foot & Leg Pain clinics provide solutions and relief for people of all ages with foot and leg problems.

How important are the feet?

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once claimed "When our feet hurt, we hurt all over".

"The feet are so important to our overall health. They can be one of the most indicative signs of an individual's health. Early symptoms for diabetes, arthritis, nerve and circulatory problems can often show themselves initially in the feet - so foot ailments can be your first sign of more serious medical problems."

Exercise, including walking can assist in all these areas.

So don't let foot or leg pain or discomfort stop you from enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Look after your feet and legs and get walking.

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