Looking for an experienced Foot and Heel Clinic in Mernda?

Do you suffer from any pain in your feet or heels? What about your ankles, shins, knees or other parts of your legs? If so we can help. Foot & Leg Pain Clinics is one of Australia’s leading musculoskeletal podiatry practices, where you can get expert assistance from an experienced podiatrist in Mernda, or at any one of our other clinic locations across Melbourne.

Our clinic in Mernda is more than a heel and foot clinic. We also have expertise in assisting concerns related to the ankles, shins, knees and other parts of the lower limbs. How we differ to many other podiatrists is that a Foot & Leg Pain Clinics podiatrist specifically focuses on and has particular expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation ofpain, injury and degenerative concerns. We don’t do routine nail care. We do take a holistic approach to healing and look past the surface symptoms, in search of the underlying issues causing and/or contributing to your concerns. We also take a very personalised approach, insisting that health and healing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We ensure we are up-to-date with and experienced in the complex issues and treatments related to bone, joint, soft tissue and muscular pathologies as well as degenerative concerns such as arthritis, along with neurological and circulatory diseases.

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