More than a Heel and Foot Clinic in Rosebud, we also help knee and leg pain & arthritis

Do you suffer from aches and pains in your feet and legs? Do you suffer from bunions, have aching knees or arthritis? If you’ve been told that only medications and/or surgery can assist you, we may be able to help. A podiatrist at our Rosebud clinic has effectively assisted many people in reducing pain and increasing mobility without the use of harmful medications or surgery. Utilising the very latest medical research and treatments, a Foot & Leg Pain Clinics podiatrist can offer natural solutions to ease and often end pain once and for all.

Our Rosebud clinic has an experienced musculoskeletal podiatrist who treats people from all walks of life, including senior citizens, professional athletes, adults and children. Over the years, we have helped many patients to end pain, increase mobility and avoid surgery, even some who were previously told that surgery was their only option.

More than just a foot and heel clinic in Rosebud, our musculoskeletal podiatrists have the experience and expertise to assist all manner of foot and leg pain and degenerative concerns. With the use of a variety of diagnostic tools we accurately determine the cause of your condition and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan, instead of just treating the symptoms.

If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms and concerns with a leading musculoskeletal podiatrist in Rosebud, call Foot & Leg Pain Clinics on 1300 328 300 today. 

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