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Did you know you take, on average, around 7000 steps every day? That means in a lifetime you'll have walked the equivalent of 4 times around the world - approximately 185,000 km's!! That's a lot of time on your feet.

Add to that the amount of time you spend standing around and the extra stress of playing sport, wearing high heels and non supportive shoes and you have caused quite a bit of stress to your feet, legs and hips. It is no wonder then that these parts of your body can get sore or injured.

The real problem is when occasional pain becomes something more regular or develops into an injury. Many people experience discomfort or pain often after work and exercise; this is an issue that should be seen to.

You see, pain is your body's way of saying "Hey, something is not right here. We have a problem that needs to be fixed!"

The problem is most people just put up with it or think it will go away. Unfortunately most of the time it doesn't and in the instances that it does, you can back it in it will return and eventually become a more permanent injury.

Then you're stuck having to take 7000 very painful steps every day! As well as limiting your abilities at work, exercise and engage in recreational activities.

And that's what brought us to develop the 'Foot and Leg Pain Clinics'...

Seeking assistance from a qualified and experienced, specialised sports podiatrist can end your foot and leg pain; it can also slow degenerative issues; highlight and assist with wider health issues; and prevent and heal sports related, chronic and acute injuries. If you mention this website you can get $50 off your initial consultation. That's the benefit you can get from the medically proven treatment and advise you get at the Foot and Leg Pain Clinics.

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