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Visit One of Our Podiatry Clinics in Melbourne, Geelong or the Mornington Peninsula…

 And get the right advice & treatment to end your foot pain or leg pain!

paul-dowieAre you experiencing leg, ankle or foot pain? How about knee pain, injury or arthritis; shin splints, heel pain or plantar fasciitis? See an expert podiatrist at a Foot & Leg Pain Clinic today.We often don’t realise how important our feet and legs are until they to become sore. Many also don’t realise that our feet can be contributing to pain in other areas of the body such as: knees, hips, backs etc.

If you seem to be experiencing foot pain or leg pain throughout the day, first thing in the morning or after work or exercise, it’s important to seek aid as soon as possible.

Let us help -  Visit a leading podiatry clinic & foot doctor in Melbourne and across Victoria

Whether you are looking for an experienced podiatrist in Melbourne or its suburban areas, we’re sure to have a clinic near you. We even have some regional clinic locations throughout Victoria and we’re experts in our field. As leaders in the area of musculoskeletal podiatry we’ve successfully assisted tens of thousands of people just like you as well as some of the World’s Best Athletes.

At Foot & Leg Pain Clinics we’ve been referred to as many different things: a foot doctor, a foot and heel clinic, a foot and ankle clinic, a foot and ankle specialist, a heel pain doctor and even a knee doctor. More accurately, we are experts in assisting clients with pain, injury and degenerative concerns of the feet and legs. Unlike most podiatrists or clinics assisting foot pain in Melbourne and across Australia, we specifically focus on musculoskeletal concerns so have particular expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions associated with the feet and lower limbs.We are experts in biomechanical concerns related to soft tissue and the skeletal structure.At Foot & Leg Pain Clinics we’ve helped thousands of people who had suffered for years, those who’ve been told nothing can be done for them and others who’ve been told medication and/or surgery are their only options. 


Accurate Diagnosis + correct treatment plans = great results

All our podiatry clinics, in Melbourne suburbs and regional areas take a personal and holistic approach to health and healing. We look past the surface symptoms to accurately determine the cause of your concerns, in order to provide the best possible treatment. Whether you wish to see a podiatrist for foot pain or leg pain resulting from an injury or accident, or because you’ve been advised you have arthritis or a degenerative concern, we can provide effective, natural solutions to assist.

Appointments when you need them

When you need to see a podiatrist in Melbourne, its suburbs or across Victoria, you want to be able to get an appointment at a clinic as soon as possible. As we have multiple locations and after hours appointments available, we can usually book you in very quickly. Depending on location you can often get same day appointments.Our reception staff are friendly and helpful to ensure making an appointment with one of our podiatrists is easy. Whether you need a podiatrist in the Melbourne area, surrounding suburbs or at any of our other locations across Victoria, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We have multiple locations and after hours appointment, with virtually no waiting lists. Depending on the location you can usually get same day appointments.

Expert Advice and Effective Solutions – We’re more than just a foot clinic in Melbourne

When you visit a podiatrist clinic you want to be able to get much more than a quick fix that offers only short term solutions. Apart from an evidence based treatment program specifically prescribed for your individual requirements, our podiatrists can also provide you with strategies to assist you in staying pain and injury free in the long-term. We can advise you on footwear selection, provide specific and general exercise for conditioning and rehab purposes, as well as nutrition and supplementation advice to aid healing. 

Why choose Foot & Leg Pain Clinics?

  • We’ve been the chosen podiatrists of thousands of people from Melbourne, regional Victoria, interstate and overseas locations as well as some of the World’s Best Athletes - including 8 of the World’s #1 tennis players, PGA Golfers, AFL Players & Umpires, Olympic Gold Medalists, Cyclists and members of the Australia Cricket Team 
  • Patients have sought our services from far and wide because we’re renowned for getting results.
  • We’re one of Australia's leading sports and musculoskeletal podiatry clinic providers.
  • As trusted experts, we provide proven solutions to help end your foot, leg and ankle pain, assist your shin splints, heel pain and plantar fasciitis and treat your knee pain, injuries and degenerative issues.
  • We keep up-to-date with the very latest in medical research and treatments, including natural regenerative therapies such as Prolotherapy and PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • At every one of our podiatry clinics in Melbourne and across Victoria, we take a holistic approach to healing. We look past your surface symptoms to find the cause of your foot and leg concerns – so we can achieve the best possible outcome for your overall health and healing.
  • We always strive to be much more than just a foot doctor or foot clinic in Melbourne, as there are many of those. We work to correctly diagnose, treat and manage all your foot and leg pain, injuries and degenerative issues, right down from your hips to your toes, with the aim of ending your concerns once and for all.

Every podiatrist at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics is committed to assisting your foot and leg concerns as efficiently and effectively as possible, utilising worlds best practice.

If you’re searching for a foot doctor, a foot and heel clinic, a foot and ankle clinic, a foot and ankle doctor, a heel pain doctor or a knee doctor in Melbourne or other locations across Victoria, contact us today.

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment with a musculoskeletal podiatrist at a clinic in Melbourne, its surrounding suburbs or regional areas just call 1300 328 300. We can help you feel better sooner than you think.

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Call 1300 328 300 to feel better sooner than you think.

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