Searching for a Foot or Heel Clinic in Greensborough? Look No Further

Do you have foot and leg pain or an injury that’s bothering you or limiting your daily activities, leisure or sporting pursuits?

Do you have heel pain first thing in the morning, after activity or at the end of the day?

Have you been diagnosed with Arthritis or have degeneration of joints or soft tissue?

Do you suffer generally from sore feet, knees or legs?

If you answered yes and you’re a resident of Greensborough or surrounding suburbs, expert help is just around the corner.

Talk to our experienced and friendly musculoskeletal and sports podiatrist in Greensborough at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics. We’re one of Australia’s leading podiatry practices with specific expertise in assisting foot and leg pain, injury and degenerative concerns.

We are more than just a foot and heel clinic in Greensborough. As musculoskeletal podiatrists, we have expertise in assisting a range of concerns related to the ankle, shin, knee and hips as well. Our experience and expertise in this area of podiatry has seen us become the chosen podiatrists for some of the World’s Best Athletes and tens of thousands of people just like you.

Each of our experienced podiatrists will take a holistic approach to healing. They will provide an in-depth assessment, produce an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an individualised treatment plan to address the cause of your concerns, not just treat the symptoms. Our clinics utilise the very latest medical research and treatments to achieve the best results possible in the most time efficient manner.

Finding and treating the precise source of foot, leg and heel complaints, is key to successful, long-term outcomes, helping you to get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

So whether you’re looking for a heel, shin or knee clinic, or a practitioner to assist with your arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, child’s growing pains or any other foot and leg condition, book in with our podiatrist in Greensborough or any one of our clinic locations across Melbourne. We’ll get you on your feet again.

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Call 1300 328 300 to feel better sooner than you think.

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