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Visit an experienced Foot and Leg Pain Clinic in Doncaster East

If you’re looking for an experienced heel clinic, foot clinic or leg pain clinic in Doncaster or Doncaster East, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter what your age or lifestyle, a podiatrist from our clinic in Doncaster East has the expertise to assist with your foot, leg, knee or heel complaint. Not just a foot and heel clinic, we provide services to assist a whole range of concerns for clients in the Doncaster and Doncaster East region, as well as other suburbs across Melbourne.

Unlike most Podiatrists, our podiatrist in Doncaster East, as well as those in our other clinics across Melbourne, are musculoskeletal podiatrists’, so have particular expertise in assisting foot and leg pain, injuries and degenerative concerns. We are renowned for successful patient outcomes and have been the chosen podiatrists for some of the World’s Best Athletes, along with tens of thousands of people just like you!

We take a holistic and natural approach to health and healing, utilising the very latest medical research and treatments. With correct diagnoses and appropriate and individualised treatment plans, most pain and concerns can be treated efficiently and effectively. At Foot & Leg Pain Clinics your podiatrist will provide you with a thorough assessment, practical advice and an appropriate, evidence based treatment plan to address the cause of your concerns, and not just treat the symptoms.

Please contact us for an appointment. You could be feeling better sooner than you think.

Address: Doncaster East, 1069 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East 1300 328 300

Call 1300 328 300 to feel better sooner than you think.

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