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You can feel better. Ask us how.

Pain is not normal so don't put up with it!

You can feel better. Let us help.

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You’ll get the right advice and treatment, the first time with the Foot + Leg Pain Clinics. 

Let us help resolve your foot and leg pain once and for all.

We'll help you take a comprehensive approach to your healing and look past your surface symptoms to find the exact causes of your foot and leg problems.

By taking a detailed analysis andin-depth investigation of your presenting symptoms, environmental factors during work, exercise and daily living, in combination with the latest medical research and diagnostic procedures, we can provide you with a clear understanding of your:

Diagnosis (exactly what the pain is)

Prognosis (how long it will take to get better)

Treatment Plan (how you will get better).

to meet your expectiations.

No guess-work, no confusion and no disappointment... 

You can feel better.

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