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What Treatment is best

Minimise the time it takes to get better...
Providing the appropriate treatment is crucial to achieving your expectations MRI reporting

How do you know what your pain is?

Im sure you'll agree it's is fairly important to find out...

We will determine exactly what the nature of your pain or injury, the exact extent or severity of the injury, so we can treat and manage you back to full health as soon as possible.

We will accurately diagnose your condition, provide a specific treatment plan and a prognosis (time frame), in which you can expect to be healed. Diagnostic scans such as MSU , XR , MRI , CT , Bone Scan are all options when confirming an accurate diagnosis.

You will need to answer questions relating to when your pain occurs, such as;

  • what makes it worse, what makes it better?
  • specifically how does it feel (what words describe the type of pain)?
  • how long it takes to come and then go?

Consultation with our Sports + muscoluskeletal Podiatrists will provide you with the best, most cost-effective way to return to pain-free activity and not worry about it again.

Why we use things that work: (click on the options for Treatment information):

  • Prolotherapy / PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma / Autologous Blood Injections)
  • Orthotic Prescription (Flexible, comfortable, durable, cost effective, affordable)
  • Aircast walker boots / walking casts / crutches
  • Strengthening exercises / Stretching exercises / Joint Mobilisation / Manipulation
  • Nutritional advice for healing
  • Taping / strapping / padding
  • Ultrasound / TENS / Dry Needling

Why we do not use : - Shockwave therapy - Cortisone / Anti inflammatory medications

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