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Comprehensive and clinically proven arthritis treatment plans - for knee, ankle and toe arthritis

Currently about 1 in 6 Australians suffer from arthritis. The BIG question is, what can you do about it?

At Foot and Leg Pain Clinics we are experts in treating musculoskeletal disorders and arthritis of the lower limb (i.e. from toes to hips).

If you are looking for:

- Knee arthritis treatment
- Ankle arthritis treatment
- Toe joint arthritis treatment
- Hip arthritis treatment
- Osteoarthritis treatment
- Rheumatoid (auto-immune) arthritis treatment
- Gout (inflammatory arthritis) treatment

We can help!


Our clinically proven treatment plans have enabled us to be at the forefront of assisting arthritic conditions of the lower limb.

Our treatment plans are aimed at: relieving pain, increasing mobility, avoiding or delaying surgery, and eliminating harmful medications.

Lower limb arthritis is far are more prevalent, and often more difficult to treat, than arthritis in the upper body, due to the weight bearing nature of the lower limb joints. Foot & Leg Pain Clinics have over 20 years experience in specifically treating musculoskeletal disorders of the lower limb (toes to hips) and specialize in this area. We utilize the very latest medical research and provide clinically proven treatment plans to assisted thousands of knee, ankle and foot arthritis sufferers

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Your Arthritis treatment at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics may include:

- Load management strategies to alleviate the forces and stresses placed through joints and tissues with movement

- Assessing and assisting faulty biomechanics

- Targeted strengthening and conditioning

- Exercise rehabilitation programs and postural management

- Assistive devices and prescription orthotic therapy

Natural injections to assist tissue proliferation

- Joint mobilisation techniques

Treatment plans have proven to be of assistance in numerous ways:

• Decreasing or eliminating pain
• Increasing mobility and range of motion
• Assist proliferation of joint tissues
• Alleviating inflammatory responses
• Decreasing joints and tissue stress
• Increasing joint and tissue strength and stability
• Increasing fresh, oxygenated blood to joints & tissues promoting healing
• Flushing debris via lymph and blood
• Accelerating tissue repair by introducing measured load
• Improving, correcting and supporting posture and balance

Combining the very latest, medically researched treatments with strategies to improve the causes and contributing factors is key to successfully assisting arthritis. By just treating the symptom (the actual arthritis) and not determining and addressing the contributing factors there is a much higher probability of treatment failure or symptom re-occurance. It’s just like a recipe, leave out one ingredient and it makes a huge difference to the end result!

By correcting faulty biomechanics and postural concerns; managing weight bearing forces and stresses placed through the joints; assessing and addressing lifestyle factors, medical and injury history; providing specific rehabilitation and /or strengthening and conditioning programs to assist associated muscles and tissues to stabilise and support the joint, and increasing the supply of fresh oxygen rich blood to the deteriorated joint, we can greatly enhance the effectiveness and/or longevity of your treatment.
By addressing all of the above as part of an overall treatment plan we can provide the best opportunity for optimal, long term health and healing of arthritic joints.

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