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As a leading sports podiatrist practice in Melbourne and across Victoria, we understand the unique needs of professional athletes and recreational sports people.

When you’re an athlete, it can be common to feel some tightness or soreness after extensive workouts. However, if this is prolonged or develops into pain, or your performance is hindered, you should get it checked by an experienced sports podiatrist. Melbourne athletes, as well as those from other parts of Australia and overseas, have been relying on Foot & Leg Pain Clinics sports podiatrists to provide effective solutions to assist pain and injury for many years.

Through personal experience as well as specific, targeted, ongoing study and training, our sport podiatrists understand the needs of athletes and work to find a natural, effective, long-term solution without the need for surgery and/or harmful medications. With the use of the very latest medical research and treatments such as Prolotherapy and other natural injection therapies helpful in assisting tissue proliferation and healing, we’ve assisted many athletes and sports people to get back to training and competing.

Whether your concerns relate to a recent injury, degenerative or biomechanical issue, or unexplained foot or ankle pain, heel, shin, achilles or knee pain or concern, our sports podiatrists will work closely with you in order to find the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. We are experts in diagnostics and take a holistic approach to healing, considering physical, nutritional and emotional factors and your overall requirements in order to provide successful, long-term solutions.

you want to perform at your peak, so you want to know you’re getting the best possible treatment when suffering pain or injury. Foot & Leg Pain Clinics sports podiatrists have been the chosen podiatrists of some of the Worlds Best Athletes including; 8 of the World’s number 1 tennis players, some of the worlds best PGA golfers, Olympic gold medallists, AFL players and umpires, cyclists and members of the Australian Cricket team, so you can be assured we have the necessary expertise to assist with sports injuries and concerns at all levels. To make an appointment with a sport podiatrist at one of our Melbourne clinics, call 1300 328 300. 

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