Hip Pain

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Looking for hip pain treatment?

Hip pain can have a big impact on your daily activities. It can make walking, going up and down stairs, and even sitting or sleeping difficult.

The hip is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body and is greatly affected by the structures above and especially below it e.g. foot, ankle, knee and back. The muscles and tissues in the buttocks, groin, and back, and more commonly the structure and complex function of the foot, ankle and knee have a big effect on the hip, so when you have hip pain these must be assessed to find what is contributing to your hip pain.

Oddly enough, a person who has a hip problem may feel pain in the knee or thigh instead of the hip, so the type of hip pain you have can be very helpful in determining the cause of your pain.

Identifying contributing factors, is very important when looking to achieve long-tern health and healing of the hip. Much hip pain, injury and degenerative conditions can be greatly assisted by improving and managing lower limb function. We can alleviate the forces and stresses placed through the hip when we modify, assist and improve foot, ankle and knee function.

The key to long term health and healing of your hip pain is to:

- Ensure a thorough and holistic assessment of your condition considering the

effects of the structures above and below the hip

- ensure an accurate diagnosis,

- identify and address contributing factors

- alleviate pressure, stresses and forces placed through the hip through

movement to aid healing

- improve function, mobility and range of motion of the hip joint and tissues

- aid joint and tissue repair, when required

- support, strengthen and condition surrounding tissues

At Foot and Leg Pain Clinics we have expertise in correct diagnoses and assessment of hip pain and have a number of treatment options to help.

We also work closely with other hip pain specialists who we refer to when we identify your hip condition requires an alternate treatment option, outside our area of expertise.

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