Arch Pain

Pain in the arch of the foot

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Arch pain is a common type of foot pain, which is easily managed and usually resolves quickly with the right advice.

This is definitely where we can help…

Symptoms of arch pain can include pain when getting up in the morning and pain with long walks or prolonged standing.

When walking or standing for long periods, the tissues in the arch become tired, fatigued, irritated and sore.

 arch pain

What causes arch pain?

Simple - the repetitive application of weight-bearing stresses and strains through the feet. And when the body is not tolerating the stress well, the tissues start to breakdown on a microscopic level and the nerves become irritated, making you feel ‘pain’.

Arch pain can also be associated with the Plantar Fascia, the prominent tissue in the arch. The Plantar Fascia is the fibrous band connecting the heel bone to the toes.

The Plantar Fascia plays an important role in foot mechanics during standing, walking, running and jumping, especially with the transfer of bodyweight from the heel to the toes, with each step. When irritated, as you know, even simple movements can be quite painful.

Treatment for arch pain

To know wihch mode of treatment is best for your concern, we need to gather answers to some very important questions;

Why are your tissues not coping?

Well that is a great question… but one which can often requires some more specific questions to be asked…

What has changed in your environment? Is your body not healing well? Has this happened before?

The answers to these questions, along with accurate scans and biomechanical assessment will provide valuable clues to enable us to diagnose and provide a proper treatment plan to end your pain once and for all.

Do not take any medications until you get arch pain properly assessed by a specialized practitioner as these can inhibit the healing process.

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