Shin Pain / Splints Treatment

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Are you looking for effective shin pain treatment? The team at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics can help. We’ve been providing successful shin pain and shin splints treatment at our clinics across Melbourne and Victoria

Shin pain or shin splints are characterised by pain felt along the shinbone between the knee and ankle. The most common shin pain is known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), which is pain felt on the inner side of the shinbone, whilst ‘anterior shin (or leg) pain’ refers to pain felt on the outer side. However, shin pain, or shin splints, can also be felt on both sides of the shinbone.

Shin pain is a common condition in those who walk a lot or engage in running often and is usually due to overuse. This is a condition that should be treated early to prevent further damage such as stress fractures to the bones. So if you require a shin pain doctor, rely on our dedicated team for effective solutions.

MTSS with Orthotic

What Can Cause Shin pain?

Caused after repeated trauma to the connective muscle tissue around the tiba, there are a range of reasons why shin splints may occur in an individual. Increasing physical activity too quickly can be a cause of shin pain (shin splints), as the tendons and muscles are unable to absorb the shock. Very common in athletes who engage in running sports, the condition can be made worse by running on hard or uneven surfaces. For those who do not take part in sporting activities, this condition can also be caused by wearing improper footwear or worn out shoes.

At your appointment with a shin pain doctor, at any of our clinics in Melbourne or across Victoria, we work to discover the cause of your shin pain, or shin splints, so we can offer the best solution in regards to treatment.

Shin pain or shin splints treatment will depend on the severity of the injury and your level of discomfort. Treatment options for shin pain / shin splints can include simple solutions including: restricted activity, the use of orthotic devices to correct over-pronation and assists proper foot function, specific strengthening and conditioning exercises and/or Prolotherapy.

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