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Prolotherapy is a very promising and successful medically researched treatment utilised to repair soft tissue to heal injuries involving tendons, ligaments, muscles and cartilage. This simple technique is a quick, easy, safe, fast acting and cost-effective treatment used to increase strength and mobility and relieve pain.

Prolotherapy is minimally invasive natural solution of glucose and anaesthetic that is injected into the damaged soft tissue causing a local inflammatory process to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanism, resulting in the deposition of new collagen to aid regeneration and assist pain.

How does it work?

Prolotherapy injections work through the proliferative action of the glucose solution. The glucose solution triggers a local inflammatory response around injured and painful tissues in order to attract the cells, which are responsible for tissue repair. These cells are recruited to the area in order to increase the laying down of collagen, the main building block in all connective tissue. With each injection, stronger and healthier tissue develops.

Because tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues generally have poor blood supply, incomplete healing often occurs after injury. Prolotherapy stimulates blood flow and new blood vessel formation, increases immune cells in the area, as well as protein synthesis, fibroblast proliferation, and ultimately collagen formation. The end result is stimulation of the immune system and repair to the damaged area. As a result there is increased joint, ligament, and tendon stability, and greater strength. Chronic joint pain is relieved and mobility increases. This is because stiffness is often due to protective muscle spasm, and once the pain from the soft tissue is relieved the muscles relax.

Other uses

Prolotherapy can also assist with muscle and nerve injuries

The technique

The solution contains between 5% and 20% glucose and a weak solution of lignocaine (local anaesthetic) is added. Sometimes stronger solutions are used for a stronger effect.

The solution is injected into the soft tissue. The local anaesthetic brings relief of pain, which can be useful diagnostically, especially if there has been some doubt where the pain is coming from. Then inflammation begins and the body’s natural healing mechanisms are initiated.

How many treatments?

The amount of injections required varies depending on the degree and location of the injury / degeneration and each individuals response to healing. Usually a series of 2 to 6 treatments are required however some patient may only require a single treatment and many patients receive relief after the first treatment, even if further treatments are required.

The spacing of treatments can vary from weeks to months, however 1 to 2 weeks apart is most common.

How effective is it?

Treatments for sports injuries are sometimes more successful because often these patients are younger, fitter and eating better. As we age we usually require more treatments and in such cases the patient may need to return in a few years for another course. The good news is, even patients in their 80’s are gaining significant benefits in reduced pain and increased capacity.

Other information

No aspirin, other anti-inflammatory drugs or liniments should be used whilst having prolotherapy, as they can reduce the healing process.
Nutrients are very important to encourage good health and repair soft tissues and may be prescribed to assist with healing. The most common are:

  • Vitamin C (makes strong connective tissue, helps healing).
  • Manganese (as chelate) - (essential for discs, cartilage).
  • Zinc (usually as chelate) - (wound healing, important for new protein).


Prolotherapy is one of the latest and most promising medically researched treatments in the regeneration and repair of soft tissues to heal injuries involving tendons, ligaments, muscles and cartilage. It’s safe, effective and non-surgical, assisting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

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